Contemporary Trends in Geoscience (Journal of University of Silesia)

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Contemporary Trends in Geoscience is a journal addressed to researchers who study Earth Sciences, especially if their work concern novelties in geoscience fields . The journal covers the following fields/area: geology, geophysics/geodesy, GIS and remote sensing, climate change and environmental science.

Journal History:

2012-2013 Published by University of Silesia

2013-2018 Published by DeGruyter/Sciendo 

Journal Aspects: multidisciplinary journal; double-blind peer-reviewed by two reviewers, including international experts; premier source of high quality modern trends in geoscience; free of charge access; open access; transparent, comprehensive and fast peer review; clear and simple editing rules; efficient route to fast-track publication.



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60 Bedzinska Str., 41-200 Sosnowiec, Poland